Free-3 Day Trial Access to Jewelry Making Tutorials

Happy weekend!!! We’re here again to make your weekend exciting, productive and fun, and to give you lots of jewelry making tutorials to learn! How is it possible?  Gold is now on FREE-3 DAY TRIAL!!! Gold is your Member-Only INSTANT UNLIMITED ACCESS to current and past DIY Jewelry Making Magazines and tutorials in WEB-BASED FORMAT. When

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Lotus flower

Happy 3 Kings Beading Sale!

Hey guys Christmas isn’t over, yet 🙂 We still have 3 Kings to celebrate and DIY Beading Club is starting it today! We’re having 2 great discounts for Happy 3 Kings Beading Sale!!! First, we are having 30% discount off for DIY Beading Magazine #25 PDF version! In this issue of DIY Beading Magazine, you’ll

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issue 29 b

DIY Bracelets with DIY Beading Club Issue 29

What’s your favorite handmade jewelry? Mine would be bracelets! And that is visible on the tutorials I create 🙂 It always make me smile when I see my wrist with beautiful beaded and sparkly bracelets. Yes, necklaces also make me smile, but not as much as when I’m wearing bracelets so for Issue 29, we’ve

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Learn beading tutorials with Issue 27

It’s beading time with DIY Beading Club and we’re gonna learn beading tutorials with DIY Beading Club Monthly Lesson Plan Issue 27!       With Issue 27, you’ll learn beading stitches such as Circular Flat Peyote with our Christmas Wreath Bracelet, bead wrap using twins beads and Square Stitch and then hone your Brickstich

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T173 Wired Beaded Flower Bangle Tutorial.1

How to make wire jewelry with Issue 26

Here’s our DIY Beading Club update! We’ve released Issue 26 for Platinum Package and you’ll learn how to make wire jewelry 🙂     Issue 26 will teach you essential wire jewelry techniques to create earrings from simple to fab! Learn wire wrapping and wire manipulation and you’ll have a pendant with your Zodiac Sign

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issue 22a

DIY Beading Club Monthly Lesson Plan Updates

Here’s DIY Beading Club Monthly Lesson Plan Updates 🙂 Issue 22 has been released and it’s all about making wire jewelry!   We have compiled wire jewelry making tutorials for beginners to intermediate to advance level. You’ll learn wirework techniques such as wire twisting, wire shaping, wire wrapping and simply have fund working wires.    

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