Sky Aldovino – Self-taught Beading Enthusiast

Hello club members!


Finally, we met 🙂 Been with you guys for 3 years now but haven’t really shown myself up here 🙂 So, here goes…



Sky Aldovino – Senior Editor of


I consider myself a late bloomer when it comes to crafting. I’m a self-taught jewelry maker. Jewelry making wasn’t really a hobby of mine, but unforeseen events lead me to learn jewellery making. My family put up a craft store where we sell cross stitch, beads and all sorts of crafting materials. I fell in love with the beads and tried to create accessories only for myself. Clients liked the pieces and I started customizing handmade jewelleries. The craft store was a success for 6 years, but like any other small businesses we had to close it down. I got employed as a Secretary for 9 years and my co-workers loved the beaded jewelries I wear and alongside, working I was still making jewelries for my co-workers.


It was in 2009 when I was finally confined to staying at home. While at home I had all the time using the internet and now working as a Senior Editor for I blog, I teach jewelry making and given the privilege to design handmade jewelleries. It’s still a long journey for me but I’d like you to join me in my journey to jewelry making.


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