Elena Komina

Elena Komina

I’m Elena Komina, happy mother of baby son and very creative person. I was born in the beautiful Russian city of St. Petersburg, where I live now. I visited many parts of the world, but I love my hometown for its northern splendor and its beauty often inspire me to work.

My passion for beading began in early childhood when my grandmother gave me my first lessons in needlework. Since then, I always learn something, improve my skills, try new techniques and experimenting. I love to play with colors and forms, combining different styles and create, create, create.

A few years ago I became interested in handmade art from different countries. I was particularly fascinated Kumihimo – Japanese art of braiding cords, and its variety Beaded Kumihimo. Of the more classical techniques of beading I love bead crochet. With this technique, you can create amazing necklaces, bracelets, lariats.

In 2016 I opened my shop “ForCraftoLovers” on etsy.com , that offers a wide selection of beading patterns. I am happy when I do something that I love, when I create beauty and share it with you. I put a piece of my soul into my works, so they bring people happiness and spiritual harmony.


Fire Mountain Gems and Beads