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Muhaiminah Faiz

Muhaiminah Faiz


Hi, I’m Muhaiminah Faiz, from Bangladesh, studying Anthropology and I’m CRAZY about crafting! I loved being creative and crafty ever since I was a kid. My grandmother, mom and uncle Fahim (my moms brother) are my inspiration. I love to make things as simply as possible and with easily available materials. I love making jewelries, home decors, cooking, drawing, painting, taking photos, editing photos and much more.


I’ve been collecting beads of different colors, sizes and kinds since I was 6 years old! Making jewelries is one of my favorite things to do J Ever since crafting became my passion, addiction (don’t know when and how!), it has become soooo hard for me to ‘Make Nothing’!


You can find my other craft works here:


Muhaiminah Faiz is a Guest Contributor for DIY Beading Magazine @iPad Issue 9





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