DIY Bracelet: How to Make a Tree Stem Bracelet

Here’s a simple DIY bracelet where you’ll learn how to make a bracelet with diamond beads, tree stems findings and eye pin. Jewelry Kit is also available. Here is the video tutorial.   Materials:                                          

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How to make bracelet with memory wire

Here is a simple bracelet that will surely fit any size of wrist. The bracelet is made of memory wire, a stretchable but sturdy wire for making handmade jewelry. The wire is adjustable and keeps its circular form no matter how many times you stretch the wire. Materials & tools: Memory wire 5.5cm in diameter

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Wire twisting video tutorial: How to make Grapes Twisted Bracelet

Wire twisting tutorial: Grapes Twisted Bracelet

Here is another wire twisting tutorial where you’ll learn how to use the technique to create a wire bracelet. Manipulate the twisted wires and create little twigs and use purple beads that look like clusters of grapes. Create variations, use other colors of beads, maybe red or orange and create strawberries and orange fruit clusters!  

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twisted necklace2

DIY Wire Twisting: Clustered Twisted Necklace

Remember the wire twisting tutorial we did a few weeks back? We started with a pair of earrings, “Twisted Earrings.”We also created “Grapes Twisted Bracelet.” Today, we’re going to use wire twisting technique again with our DIY Wire Twisting: Clustered Twisted Necklace! In this tutorial, you’ll again master the art of wire twisting and create

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Adjustable Wired Ring with Sparkling Bead Wire & Jewelry Making Tutorial Series T148

Wire wrapped rings are a popular design for handmade jewelleries. This tutorial will show you how to make a wire wrap ring in 5 simple steps. What’s great about this design is that the ring size is adjustable. You can create the ring in different colors and with different sizes of beads. You can make

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Drops of Honey Hoop Earrings Tutorial

Drops of Honey Hoop Earrings tutorial will teach you how to create your own hoop earrings using simple wirework techniques. Wire wrapping is a popular wirework technique and this tutorial will teach you how to wire wrap with seed beads. With this particular design, it gives you the freedom to choose how many seed beads

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DIY Wire Twisting: Clustered Twisted Necklace Video Tutorial

Free Jewelry Making Video

Wire Jewelry Making Tutorials Wirework is a popular wire jewelry making technique. It doesn’t require too many materials, such as beads but you need the right jewelry making tools and proper handling of wires to make perfect and beautiful designs of wire jewelry. In this page, you will learn different techniques of wire jewelry making

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