Jewelry Craft Supplies

Here’s the latest jewelry craft supplies from Firemountain Gems for August 2016! Be the first to have these hottest picks to add to your jewelry craft supplies collection so you will never ever stop making jewelry because you have no beads and supplies to choose from. It is always a plus when you’re in the

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More Bead Supplies on White Sale

February is here! How many handmade jewelry have you created for January? Do you still have enough bead supplies for February? I’m sure many will be searching for new handmade pieces to give as gifts for their special someone or maybe, you yourself would want to have a new accessory. Perfect for this love month

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Drop Beads for Jewelry Making

Drop beads are also known as fringe beads. These are small glass beads shaped like rounded teardrops. Their holes run in flat surface through their narrow ends. Drop beads are usually used as turning beads along the ends of beaded fringe pieces. You can also string them onto beading wire to produce an interesting texture.

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Swarovski Beads Assortments

How can a Swarovski bead have so much effect in a jewelry piece? Let me tell you how: These crystals are generally used as embellishments because of their ability or I daresay “power” for making someone look and even feel beautiful. These crystals are an excellent accessory to even the plainest dress that you can

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Precious Gemstones for Jewelry Making

As the attractiveness of beading has developed over the years, significant sources of good-quality beads have been reproduced. This can be seen by the many types of beads that are being produced; among the beads that are being made available for fellow beaders  (like us!), there is an incredible range of precious and semi-precious stones which

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