diy beading stitches

DIY Beading Stitches for Beginners

Beaded jewelry making involves different beading stitches that varies from a very simple design to a very complicated one. These DIY beading stitches for beginners can be a great starter.   One simple beading stitch suitable for beginners is the popular technique, Peyote Stitch. This bracelet from Linda Richmond is a perfect sample and beginner

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circular peyote bezel

DIY Earrings: Cute as a button earrings tutorial

Hey club members 🙂 We’ve got Bianc van der Molen on spotlight and she’s got something free for everyone, DIY Earrings!   Cute as a button earrings 🙂 The image on the left uses Toho beads and the one on the right use Miyuki. There’s a slight difference on the size so Bianc suggests to

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Circular Brickstitch Around a Ring: Iris Beaded Earrings

I was inspired by the flower Iris that I saw on TV last week. It was so  beautiful and I kind of liked the color. I thought it’s very unique to have flowers of blue and yellow 🙂   Iris flower from                     I was

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Knots and Beads

Using beads for jewelry is in itself a statement.  However, employing certain knots in arranging the beads could add accent and flavor to your jewelry.   There are a couple of knot techniques that can be involved in jewelry making.  One of the easiest knots to tie is the overhand knot because it is just

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Heidi Kinally 1

DIY Earrings: Beaded Drop Earrings

It’s wirework time and today, you’ll be making a simple DIY earrings with Heidi Kinally of Eat Breathe Design blog with her Beaded Drop Earrings!   I know you can’t wait so let’s start!               [showmyads]     Heidi Kinally of Eat Breath Design is a trained metalsmith and

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crisscross bangle1-001

Wire braiding tutorial: Crisscross Wire Beaded Bangle

One popular hair style for little girls is the braided hair. I know you used to braid your hair when you were kids and I bet now you braid your little girl’s hair. Let’s use that braiding technique and apply it on making jewelry with our wire braiding tutorial – Crisscross Wire Beaded Bangle!  

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