Triangle Weave Jewelry Making Instructions

It’s another start of the week and we’re hoping to teach you again another beading stitch called “Triangle Weave” with these step by step jewelry making instructions.   Triangle Weave is a beading stitch consists of three sides. It is often seen on flower motif beaded jewelries. While threads are going in clockwise and counter-clockwise

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Figure 8 Bead Weaving Patterns

Figure 8 bead weaving patterns or more popularly known as 2-needle right angle weave is a beading stitch where threads are going in crisscross directions. A basic Figure 8 weave or 1 x 1 RAW using 2 needles has 4 sides of the beadwork, crisscrossing on the 4th bead. If you continue to weave several

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2-Needle RAW beading pattern

DIY Beaded Bracelet Using 2-Needle RAW beading pattern

Don’t be fooled. This may look really simple but this diy beaded bracelet is equals to sparkling and fun! …but to Vickie, it’s equals to VERY FUN!Yup, that’s how Vickie described the Sparking Bracelet Tutorial in 2 words. Curios to find out why VERY FUN? Read the full review HERE! The Sparking Bracelet Jewelry Making

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