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DIY Earrings: Cute as a button earrings tutorial

Hey club members 🙂 We’ve got Bianc van der Molen on spotlight and she’s got something free for everyone, DIY Earrings!   Cute as a button earrings 🙂 The image on the left uses Toho beads and the one on the right use Miyuki. There’s a slight difference on the size so Bianc suggests to

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Circular Brickstitch Around a Ring: Iris Beaded Earrings

I was inspired by the flower Iris that I saw on TV last week. It was so  beautiful and I kind of liked the color. I thought it’s very unique to have flowers of blue and yellow 🙂   Iris flower from                     I was

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Easy Beaded Flower Ring Beading Tutorial by HoneyBeads (Photo tutorial)

Easy Beaded Rings Beading Tutorial

Hello again everyone! We have 2 cutesy tootsie beaded rings beading tutorial but before that, hope this quote from Johann Gottfried Von Herder inspire you today!   “Without inspiration the best powers of the mind remain dormant. There is a fuel in us which needs to be ignited with sparks.” – Johann Gottfried Von Herder  

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Japanese Fan Earrings

DIY Japanese Fan Earrings Brickstitch Beading Tutorial Part 1

Hi everyone! Time for some beading with our DIY Japanese Fan Earrings Brickstitch Beading Tutorial!   Remember the post we did for Increased and Decreased Brickstitch Tutorials? Well, here is a design for a pair of earrings that will help you familiarize yourself and practice Brickstitch technique 🙂 Now that you have the basic skill

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video tutorials

Handmade Jewelry Making Video Tutorials

As you all know guys, Handmade-Jewelry-Club has started to produce handmade jewelry making video tutorials. Some of our video tutorials are done with slides and some were taken live, where you’ll see Jane Chew aka XQDesigns in action. There were already a few that we have posted on our Youtube channel so check us out

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Beading4perfectionists  Brick stitch beaded owl pendant with Swarovski fringe be

Beading Basics: How to increase in Brickstitch Tutorial

We’re back again to beading basics club members! Remember last week we did decrease in Brickstitch tutorial? Today, we’ll learn how to increase in Brickstitch with our beading basics Brickstitch Tutorial. I’ll be showing you the steps in diagrams and I suggest you follow using seed beads.   Increase in Brickstitch   Step 1: Start

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Beading Basics: How to decrease in Brickstitch Tutorial

Last week a client sent me a message asking help how to do brickstitch weaving technique, particularly decreasing in brickstitch.  I did give her brief descriptions and a quick tutorial but I thought, why not make a post about it and help others too who are still wondering how to decrease in brickstitch. So today,

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