Choo Choo Train Bracelet

I like chain maille jewelry.. The combination of metals and beads make them so fun to play with! Using similar technique: European 1 in 4, I come up with 2 variations of designs that have very different feels and emotions. This one is what i called Choo Choo Train.. Doesn’t it look like the colorful

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How To Make Chain Maille Jewelry

Photo courtesy of: Chain Maille is made up of a pattern of interlocking chains. They are usually included in armors during ancient wars. But now these chains are usually seen in jewelries. Photo courtesy of: Chain Maille jewelries are very exquisite and may even cost more. To make these kind of jewelries is

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Chain Maille Tutorials

Here is a list of websites that offer free & paid chain maille tutorials. Do check back for more updated listing from time to time. Bird’s Nest Beaded Chain Bracelet Tutorial Whirlybird Cabochon Chain Maille Jewelry Making Step By Step Guide Tutorial The Ring LordArt of ChainmailM.A.I.L – Maille Artisans International LeagueSpiderchaiC G MailleChainmail BasketChainWeaversMaile

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