DIY Romanov and Triple-Point Unit Chain Maille Tutorial

Tadaah!!! Just something I created today. Romanov Unit is a variation of the Byzantine Chain Maille pattern where a bead is enclosed by 2 Byzantines. You can use each unit as charms, or earrings, or link them together to form a necklace or bracelet. With this tutorial I hope to show you ideas how to

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How to make Chain Maille Tutorials

I miss my chain maille making tools. 🙁 I miss the new pliers and cutters I bought from Beadaholique before Christmas. I miss my wires too LOL. I’m still on vacation and has not come home yet to my own pad. I did not bring my jewelry making tools with me as I do not

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DIY Mobius/Rosette Chain Maille Unit Tutorial

A mobius or commonly called, “Rosette” is a chain maille unit where 3 or more jump rings are linked together forming a rosette-like shape. Mobius Ball from Mailleartisan.org Mobius chain maille unit can be used as a single design or a component to which other chain maille weaves can be linked. The mobius chain maille

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DIY Handmade Jewelry Tutorials

 It’s weekend and it’s time to add a new tutorial on our Titanium Package! This gorgeous looking beaded flower is our latest addition to our Lessons Gallery You can create it 2 colors! Wear it as a pendant and look gorgeous and romantic at night… …or choose to look gorgeous and sparkly! The description says

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