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Discover free chain maille lessons and tutorials. turn jump rings into beautiful wearable jewelry, earrings, necklace and bracelet.

DIY Bracelet From Rags to Couture Style

Leather accessories has become a hit last year, but I think when it comes to fashion jewelry there is no end to its fad, don’t you agree? We can always wear the type of accessory or handmade jewelry we’d like to wear as long as you feel good and feel fashionable wearing your accessory.  Today, […]

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How to make Full Persian Chain Maille Pattern

Full Persian chain maille pattern is one of the hardest to understand chain maille weave pattens. It looks intimidating at first, but once you get the hang of interlocking the jump rings, you’ll find that it gets easier and easier as you go along creating the weave. And because of its rope-like features the Full […]

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DIY: How to make Choo Choo Train Bracelet Chain Maille Tutorial

Choo-choo!!! We are going to learn chain maille today!


Choo Choo Train Chain Maille Bracelet & Earrings tutorial!

This tutorial is based on variation from European 1 in 4 technique to create an elegantly simple bracelet. Using the same technique you can also create earrings.
Let’s learning the pattern!
Take a 10mm ring and a bead appropriate for the […]

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DIY Romanov and Triple-Point Unit Chain Maille Tutorial

Tadaah!!! Just something I created today.

Romanov Unit is a variation of the Byzantine Chain Maille pattern where a bead is enclosed by 2 Byzantines. You can use each unit as charms, or earrings, or link them together to form a necklace or bracelet. With this tutorial I hope to show you ideas how to use […]

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DIY Full Persian Chain Maille Tutorial

Take a look at what I found! This awesome chain maille heart is created by Charon, owner of Stygian Chains. The chain maille technique used to create the heart is called Full Persian 6-in-1 or commonly called Full Persian. Looking closely at the heart chain maille, you’ll see a continuous “V” shape. You can […]

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How to make Chain Maille Tutorials

I miss my chain maille making tools. :( I miss the new pliers and cutters I bought from Beadaholique before Christmas. I miss my wires too LOL. I’m still on vacation and has not come home yet to my own pad. I did not bring my jewelry making tools with me as I do not […]

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DIY Mobius/Rosette Chain Maille Unit Tutorial

A mobius or commonly called, “Rosette” is a chain maille unit where 3 or more jump rings are linked together forming a rosette-like shape. Mobius Ball from Mailleartisan.orgMobius chain maille unit can be used as a single design or a component to which other chain maille weaves can be linked. The mobius chain maille weave […]

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DIY Handmade Jewelry Tutorials

 It’s weekend and it’s time to add a new tutorial on our Titanium Package!This gorgeous looking beaded flower is our latest addition to our Lessons Gallery You can create it 2 colors!Wear it as a pendant and look gorgeous and romantic at night……or choose to look gorgeous and sparkly! The description says it all, the […]

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Byzantine Flower Chain Maille Necklace Tutorial

Hi guys! I’m excited to show you again another chain maille pattern that I’ve learned. For beginners like me, this is something cool to learn and we are going to make this necklace :) I named the piece Byzantine Flower Chain Maille Necklace. The flower pendant was constructed using the Helm Pattern I showed you last […]

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DIY Flower Helm Chain Maille Earrings Tutorial

Remember the Helm Chain Maille Earrings I shared last week?Well, looks like I’m inspired again by the Helm Chain Maille Pattern and created another pair of chain maille earrings.Flower Helm Chain Maille EarringsAt first glance the pattern may look similar to the Celtic Star Chain Maille…and the Japanese 12-in-1 Chain Maille…but looking at the center, […]

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