Links for Jewelry Making

Links not only link your jewelry together to keep different beads or chains together, they also add decorative value to your jewelry designs. Jewelry designs may come across our minds comes to us without realizing it. It may be some small unique detail that you may have seen while walking by a building or it

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Earnuts for Jewelry Making

Earring Nuts helps to keep your earrings in place and makes it more comfortable when you wear your earrings for a longer period of time. There are many types of ear nuts to suit different styles and tastes in jewelry making. There are acrylic, silicon, stainless steel and so on and so forth. These jewelry

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Bails for Jewelry Making

Bails are used in jewelry making and are very much useful and essential because we need it to hang our pendants. There are many types of bails that are in the market. Many colors, many types of closures, all can be used in our jewelry designs. Bails can be handmade or purchased at any jewelry

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Bead Cap Basics Jewelry Making Tutorial

Beads 2 Bead Bead caps are metal findings in jewelry making and they are use to cover a bead. You can find them in small rosette -like shapes. You can also find them in different colors like antique bronze and gold Delphine’s Flower Bead Shop uncommonartistry …and you can buy bead caps in cone shape

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