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Handmade Jewelry Making And Techniques Book

Get some ideas for a new hobby or a business with these featured techniques and handmade jewelry making magazines. These are perfect for beginners and intermediate level enthusiasts to know more about jewelry making. Each of the magazines  features techniques with a step by step procedures using different materials. Check them out!       This

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Guide Books For Handmade Jewelry Making

Do want to learn a new technique or acquire a skill in making any handmade jewelry? Or maybe venture into business but have not got any idea what to start?Well, these lists of book would surely give you a head start. Moreover, these provide an artistry in the jewelry making by using different materials like metals,

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How to Make Rings with Teardrop Beads

Who here love handmade rings? Here is a quick video tutorial  on how to make rings with teardrop beads 🙂 This ring is so easy to make that you can create rings in several colors in one sitting which is perfect when you want to give gifts to your girl friends and family members. Materials

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DIY Bracelet: How to Make a Tree Stem Bracelet

Here’s a simple DIY bracelet where you’ll learn how to make a bracelet with diamond beads, tree stems findings and eye pin. Jewelry Kit is also available. Here is the video tutorial.   Materials:                                          

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Adjustable Wired Ring with Sparkling Bead Wire & Jewelry Making Tutorial Series T148

Wire wrapped rings are a popular design for handmade jewelleries. This tutorial will show you how to make a wire wrap ring in 5 simple steps. What’s great about this design is that the ring size is adjustable. You can create the ring in different colors and with different sizes of beads. You can make

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Kuhimiho Round Braided Necklace

Did you enjoy Jewelry Making Professor’s video last week about the Argyle Beaded Ring? Or were you half-way done and was not able to catch the last minute of it? If you want to watch the video again and access more than a hundred of inspiring videos of Jewelry Making Professor CLICK HERE.This week, Darlene

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Featured FREE Daisy Chain Jewelry Making Tutorials

Who doesn’t love daisies? They suggest purity and innocence. Some ladies love to decorate their heads with daisy flowers portraying as fairies or what not. It is also believed that Daisy is often used while confessing undying love as it captures the language of love with its silence. In earlier days, a daisy from a

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Commonly Used Pliers for Jewelry Making And Design Ideas

Recall that we have asked our friends in Facebook about ”what one jewelry making tool you can’t live without”. We have received flurry of answers-creativity, imagination, fingers or inspirations, but majority of which answered PLIERS. Don’t get us wrong, from, needles to pliers to hammers to create one dazzling jewelry! Some of the tools are just basically

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