Stamped Metal Handmade Jewelry

Stamping of metal is  a practice of gently tapping a stamp which is small rod of metal using a hammer onto the surface of a metal to create an effect. This can be express using shapes, words, monograms and patterns to create a signatory style jewelry. Many jewelers have started this kind of practice and

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Symbols Made Perfect To Wear

Many good sources and inspirations for jewelry designs are based on symbols. These may include religious, emblems, geometric, monograms and organizational signs. The different shapes, styles and colors of these symbols are a perfect component to envisage new configuration and designs for jewelries.   Geometric symbols cover lines and simple shapes. This geometric designs  are

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The Subject to Wear

Each one has their own favorite subject at school. It may be Math for those who were good in numbers or Science whose mind can imagine and memorize molecules and reactions. Such loved have inspired these jeweler to create a unique work of art featuring some related stuff we know at school. The never ending numbers,symbols,equations

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Handmade Jewelry for an Oversize Chic

Do you happen to be part of the pretty, hot and thick group? Having difficulty in finding the right accessories for you? Worry no more because we will provide tips on what to wear to boost your confidence. Bigger is better. Go for bigger bangles. It may come from different shapes and sizes from NaturaSilver, WishesontheWind and ELSLondon. Each

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Jewelry to Wear At Work

Jewelry adds that certain glow to one’s basic wardrobe. It creates that certain amazingness and uniqueness to oneself. But when it comes to office, not all jewelry will do. That doesn’t mean you have to leave all the fun and exciting at home, you just have to choose correctly. Leave all those clunks and noises

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Kuhimiho Round Braided Necklace

Did you enjoy Jewelry Making Professor’s video last week about the Argyle Beaded Ring? Or were you half-way done and was not able to catch the last minute of it? If you want to watch the video again and access more than a hundred of inspiring videos of Jewelry Making Professor CLICK HERE.This week, Darlene

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Featured FREE Daisy Chain Jewelry Making Tutorials

Who doesn’t love daisies? They suggest purity and innocence. Some ladies love to decorate their heads with daisy flowers portraying as fairies or what not. It is also believed that Daisy is often used while confessing undying love as it captures the language of love with its silence. In earlier days, a daisy from a

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