Symbols Made Perfect To Wear

Many good sources and inspirations for jewelry designs are based on symbols. These may include religious, emblems, geometric, monograms and organizational signs. The different shapes, styles and colors of these symbols are a perfect component to envisage new configuration and designs for jewelries.   Geometric symbols cover lines and simple shapes. This geometric designs  are

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Botanical Jewelry: A Little Piece of Nature for Everyday Use

Natural jewelries such as sparkly pieces of pearls, corals and precious gemstones, polished and set in gold or silver are common beauty jewelry used by many to decorate their bodies. However, some of the unfamiliar and striking jewelry comes from plant. One of the most expensive jewelry comes from Amber, fossilized resin created by extinct

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Kuhimiho Round Braided Necklace

Did you enjoy Jewelry Making Professor’s video last week about the Argyle Beaded Ring? Or were you half-way done and was not able to catch the last minute of it? If you want to watch the video again and access more than a hundred of inspiring videos of Jewelry Making Professor CLICK HERE.This week, Darlene

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Featured FREE Daisy Chain Jewelry Making Tutorials

Who doesn’t love daisies? They suggest purity and innocence. Some ladies love to decorate their heads with daisy flowers portraying as fairies or what not. It is also believed that Daisy is often used while confessing undying love as it captures the language of love with its silence. In earlier days, a daisy from a

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Commonly Used Pliers for Jewelry Making And Design Ideas

Recall that we have asked our friends in Facebook about ”what one jewelry making tool you can’t live without”. We have received flurry of answers-creativity, imagination, fingers or inspirations, but majority of which answered PLIERS. Don’t get us wrong, from, needles to pliers to hammers to create one dazzling jewelry! Some of the tools are just basically

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FREE How to Make Beaded Jewelry

Let us complete our glamorous look by creating for ourselves an Argyle Beaded Ring. Feel like being Scottish ey? Argyle pattern is composed of diamonds or lozenges. The argyle pattern is derived from western Scotland used for kilts and plaids or from patterned socks worn by Scottish Highlanders since at least 17th Century. Typically there is

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FREE How To Make Wire Wrapped Rings

We want to be hip and fab, we want to be on the latest jewelry trends, most specially we want to stand out the crowd sporting our fancy jewelries without smashing our wallets. . Great News! Not all jewelries are expensive, we can always make an alternative by creating one for ourselves. http://fashion-allure.com/multi-finger-ring-summer-2010-celebrity-jewelry-trend/ Rings come in

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FREE How to wrap "Unlock the Secret Garden" Bangle Variation

We’ve got a BONUS TUTORIAL! Can you spot the difference? Take a closer look at the leaves. Now, this is the bonus tut! We’ll teach you how to create a variation of the “Unlock the Secret Garden” bangle and with the techniques, you can also apply it on other designs as well. Let’s start! Step

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Featured Teacher: Naz Garces, a Born Jewelry Artist

  Handmade Jewelry Club, DiyLessons.org and DiyBeadingClub.com is composed of a design team, all passionate about handmade jewelry making. We wanted you to learn more about the Design Team and their extraordinary talents.Naz Garces It might be hard to believe, but technology paved the way for Naz’s success in the art of jewelry making. Being

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FREE How To Make A Beaded Jewelry

Let us once again make everybody drool sporting our handmade beaded jewelry bracelet, Shamballa Bracelet. We will learn how to create a beaded jewelry worn by renowned celebrities all over the world, and has the latest height of fashion that has a Spiritual consciousness.  Shamballa or Shambhala is a symbol of spiritual philosophy inspired by ancient traditions

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