Emerald Gemstones for Jewelry Making

Emeralds are gemstones, and gemstones really fascinates me. The green in it is just so radiant! The shine in the stones really gives out that magical glow. I grew up with the story of Emerald City in the Wizard of Oz. I was imagining such great buildings and sights of emeralds! Just imagine, everywhere you

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Precious Gemstones for Jewelry Making

As the attractiveness of beading has developed over the years, significant sources of good-quality beads have been reproduced. This can be seen by the many types of beads that are being produced; among the beads that are being made available for fellow beaders  (like us!), there is an incredible range of precious and semi-precious stones which

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Gemstones – Benefits and Healing Properties

Many people believe that gemstones can influence different aspects of the human body and mind. Gemstones are popular materials used to make jewelries such as necklace, bracelet, pendant, earrings due to its healing properties as well as artistic looks. Click here for sample designs. Here is the selection of the more popular gemstones and their

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Crystal Mixed Ring Stone Bracelet

Price: RM190 This is a hand made mixed stone bracelet made of smoky quartz, crystal quartz, citrine and red agate. The color is smooth and lovely and thus it is best gift for ladies. Free size as the ring is elastic. This is a hand made mixed stone bracelet made of smoky quartz, crystal quartz,

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