DIY Bracelet: How to Make a Tree Stem Bracelet

Here’s a simple DIY bracelet where you’ll learn how to make a bracelet with diamond beads, tree stems findings and eye pin. Jewelry Kit is also available. Here is the video tutorial.   Materials:                                          

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Beading Tutorial with Flower Bud Earrings

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication ~ a quote by Leonardo da Vinci and I think having these pair of earrings will show that you have that simple, yet elegant taste. These pair of earrings may be simple and not as flamboyant as some designs are, but they can be the perfect accessory to complete an

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FREE How to wrap "Unlock the Secret Garden" Bangle Variation

We’ve got a BONUS TUTORIAL! Can you spot the difference? Take a closer look at the leaves. Now, this is the bonus tut! We’ll teach you how to create a variation of the “Unlock the Secret Garden” bangle and with the techniques, you can also apply it on other designs as well. Let’s start! Step

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FREE Tutorial: How to make a coiled wire bangle

  I did some experimenting today and played with wires. I love to coil LOL and so I tried to create a bangle. Here’s what it looks like!This is just a simple bangle and you can improve it more, but to give you an idea, here’s how I created the piece. Step 1: My wrist

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FREE Cat’s Eye Bracelet Jewelry Making Tutorial

One of the easiest way to create a bracelet or necklace other than simple stringing is through linking technique. With this technique it gives me the freedom to play with different sizes of beads in units and every unit of beads can be created differently. The links can also add length which means lesser number

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Pick, Pin & Win WINNER!

We’re announcing the winner to our  PICK, PIN & WIN GAME! Diybeadingclub.com launched PICK, PIN & WIN GAME last 27th of July and right at this very moment, we are going to announce the lucky winner among 81 fans who joined.  Diybeadingclub.com has 50 original and exciting jewelry making tutorials to choose from. One of them will be given away to

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FREE How to Make Flower Pendant Using Tear Drop Beads Tutorial

Tear drop shape beads are best to use as earrings. For big tear drop beads they are best used as pendants and charms. …but what about this? Flower Pendant using Tear Drop Beads Yes! You can use several piece of tear drop beads and construct your own flower shape pendant that you can also use

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Bird’s Nest Earrings

Can’t stop making Jewelries?  There is no reason not to make and wear these earrings! I found it very unique and I surely know our friends will love the style too.  Bird’s Nest Earrings by Can’t Stop Making Things Here are the materials you need: 24 gauge beading wire (Michael’s) 6 oval pearls earring posts

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