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Braiding with Beads

Braids never really go out of style. Let us make braids more interesting by accessorizing them with beads that match out personalities.     Some of the easiest braided hairstyles can be found on this site:  While how to incorporate beads on this hairstyles can be seen on this site:     But braids are not

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Featured FREE Tutorial: Adding Safety Chain by MyWiredImagination

There are bangles and bracelet designs with safety chains but mostly are being soldered, especially for customized jewelries. By Safety Elegant – Silver Bangle with Safety Chain While some designs uses beads with a loop or like a bail where you can a safety chain. By Jacanranda Designs – Ebony, Black & Gold with Safety

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FREE T-Pin Earrings Jewelry Making Tutorial

Check out the latest tutorial for beginners we’ve published and uploaded at! T-Pins Earrings Jewelry Making Tutorial Here’s a fun way to use your head pins. The earrings may look simple, but in this tutorial you’ll learn great tips how to make a perfect loop with proper handling of your tools and twisting of

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FREE Friendship bracelets patterns

Yesterday I had time to clean some stuffs. I still have lots of DMC threads and really, STILL A LOT as I still have the complete set of numbers. I don’t cross stitch anymore because it strains my eyes too much unlike when I do jewelry making. I have thought of giving them away, but

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