Piratchada Thongra-ar

Piratchada Thongra-ar   My name is Piratchada Thongra-ar, also known as BeeJang in the beading world. I can’t remember how many years I’ve been beading, but I believe I inherit my mother’s passion and skills in doing crafts. I have her as my first teacher, along with many beading books, trial and error and self-taught,

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Rosina Ottolini

Rosina Ottolini My name is Rosa, I live in Italy, I love work with the beads and I love to see my patters in your colors, my purpose is to make it as easy as possible my patterns for this in the realization of each my pattern I put much attention and care both in

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Svetlana Dubinsky

Svetlana Dubinsky My name is Svetlana Dubinsky, I’m a Jerusalem beadwork designer. I was born in Ukraine, and have lived in Israel since 1992. I’ve been crafting all my life and I started beading about nine years ago. Beads – is my favorite hobby and I create my pieces after the main job, so I

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Erzsébet Kis Jakab

Erzsébet Kis Jakab My name is Erzsébet Kis Jakab. I live with my daughter and partner in Hungary, Szolnok. I have been dealing with pearl jewelry since 2009. I have tried many techniques so far, but I feel comfortable in soutache jewelry in recent times. Everything you can see in my shop is handmade by

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Lyubov Buntova

Lyubov Buntova I am a designer. I work in children’s publishing. We create the necessary and useful books for the development of children from birth to early school age. I have a lot of hobbies – music, literature, aromatherapy (doing their natural cream), and more. One of the most important interests – beading. Beading doing

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Pam Gordon

Pam Gordon Pam Gordon has been designing and making jewelry in the UK for over 15 years, using seed beads, gemstones and crystals in bead weaving and bead embroidery. She has participated in contests such as Battle of the Beadsmith, Fire Mountain Gems and Great British Bead Awards and has work published in UK Beading

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Liliana Siminciuc

Liliana Siminciuc Liliana Siminciuc was born in Romania and has lived in Italy for over 20 years. Is passionate about arts and crafts from the age of 9 years.  Loves equally the crochet, tatting, beading, loves the paper, wire and pyrography too, but most of all loves the colors and designing.  Beginning with the 2013 started to create a wide range of tutorials. www.etsy.com/shop/MadeByHandLGA handmadeartigianatoliliana@gmail.com Liliana Siminciuc is a

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Adina Vaida

Adina Vaida Hi! My name is Adina Vaida. I live with my family in a beautiful city on the Romanian seaside. I am the mother of two great kids and I have a background in Economy.  I fell in love with beading many years ago when I first saw a piece of bead work. I

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Ombretta Tempestini

Ombretta Tempestini I’m Ombretta and I live in Italy, in the beautiful city of Rome. Since I was a child I always loved to create. I started to create jewelry using various techniques and now I realize also works with beads. Creativity  is very important in my life; I create many different objects using all

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Rebecca Bechel

Rebecca Bechel General crafting has always been a large part of Rebecca’s life, but it wasn’t until adulthood that she discovered the true joys of beadwork. As a self-taught bead artist and jewelry designer, she operated a brick and mortar store, selling her jewelry and other gift items for several years before deciding to sell

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