Book Review: Etsy Empire

Etsy is very well-known and nowadays, there are more and more stores opening on Etsy, so if you are interested to open your very own Etsy store, and just about to get on board on Etsy, here’s a book which will definitely be a great help to you – Etsy Empire by Eric Michael! This book

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handmade jewelry

Stunning Artisan’s Featured Handmade Jewelry

Do you want to be physically attracted at heart? Then, you will fall head over heels for this sparkling jewelry piece. Rhinestone featured jewelry is a beautiful alternative to crystals that offers luster and exquisiteness of gemstones. It also adds sparks to any outfit with gold plated bezel and set of rhinestones in various colors, from green, pink, and many

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Do you like to be our Guest Jewelry Making Tutorial Reviewer?

I find reviews and feedback so important. It says what others think about something, the things they like and dislike and what that “something” means to someone like what we’re currently having at DIY I’ve mentioned in my previous articles we are planning for a website enhancement in the future and we’re already drafting

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Totally Twisted

Artist Kerry Bogert’s started the twist once again as she shares years of expertise in her book titled Totally Twisted: Innovative Wirework and Art Glass Jewelry. This book takes a fun of learning and exploration to the colorful world of vastly different styles of beads and wires coupled with variety of basic wire working techniques

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