Featured FREE Beaded Jewelry Tutorials

Hi guys! I had some free time to browse the net and visit some of my favorite bloggers and jewelry designers. I’m happy that I found some inspirational pieces and free tutorials for all levels! First, let’s start with a beginner, quickie, super easy Beaded Ring from craftevolution This ring design is what craftevolution likes

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FREE Featured Peyote Beading Patterns

  Peyote beading or stitch is a wonderful beading stitch. Its versatility can lead to various creations. Actually, Peyote beading may be difficult at first, but if you know the basic, immediately you can do wonders with it.First, you got to learn how to weave Peyote Stitch and to start off, this Even Count Peyote Stitch FREE

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FREE How to bezel a Rivoli stone with peyote beading stitch pattern

  A Rivoli is a round undrilled crystal with faceted surfaces coming from a point, both the back and front sides and it’s the most popular bead for Peyote beading projects. 5Black Cats The facets give its shimmer effects, especially when reflected with light that sometimes it gives out different colors. Since Rivolis are sold

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Peyote Stitch FREE tutorials

Peyote stitch is also known as Gourd Stitch which is an off-loom beading technique used by many cultures around the world in their beadwork. The Native American Church originating from Oklahoma practices Peyotism or Peyote religion has used peyote stitch to decorate objects used in their peyote ceremonies and thus, the name “Peyote Stitch” has

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FREE tutorial for a beadweaved teardrop pendant!

Hi everyone! I had some free time blog-hopping and landed on a talented beadweaver’s site from Hungary, Zsuzsa Veres or known as Vezsuzsi’s Beads in the blogworld and her etsy,beadsbyverzsuzsi. What my eyes got hooked on were these unique and fun beadweaved designs. A self-taught beadweaver and a stay-at-home mom, Zsuzsa’s favorite is the peyote

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Peyote Stitch Lighter Fittings

Making every accessory match is a great way to show off a unique and dedicated style. You can make your own accessories that match certain outfits, shoes, nail colors, and bags in a snap. http://www.pabineaupowwow.com/beadwork.htm You can easily fill spare and dull time with making yourself a new stylized lighter cover or “fitting”. Taking a

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