DIY Earrings: Cute as a button earrings tutorial

Hey club members 🙂 We’ve got Bianc van der Molen on spotlight and she’s got something free for everyone, DIY Earrings!   Cute as a button earrings 🙂 The image on the left uses Toho beads and the one on the right use Miyuki. There’s a slight difference on the size so Bianc suggests to

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DIY Beaded Ring: Square Component Beaded Ring

Hello everyone 🙂 We’ve got a DIY Beaded Ring tutorial today! Remember the square component I learned from Sara Spoltore of Beads Friends video tutorial? I incorporated the technique on my Amber Ray Earrings and used them as ear stud covers.   I find these little squares very cute and useful too 🙂 And guess what?

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DIY Peyote Beaded Ring Tutorial

I promised our Facebook fans that we’ll be making a free tutorial for a beaded ring. Well, a promise is a promise so here it is! This is a project for beginners who like to learn Flat Odd-Count Peyote Stitch. Peyote stitch is a versatile beadweaving technique and with flat odd-count or even-count Peyote you

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