Beading Tutorial with Flower Bud Earrings

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication ~ a quote by Leonardo da Vinci and I think having these pair of earrings will show that you have that simple, yet elegant taste. These pair of earrings may be simple and not as flamboyant as some designs are, but they can be the perfect accessory to complete an

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DIY Pendant Tutorial: Reni’s Heart Pendant

Hey guys! It’s weekend again. It’s your chance to have time for yourself or perhaps catch up on your crafting and jewelry making project. Time to learn for some new techniques and designs so let’s have some serious beading tutorial with our featured diy pendant tutorial today – Reni’s heart pendant! Learning how to create

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Superdou Tubular Peyote Beading Tutorial

Hey guys πŸ™‚ It’s been awhile since I shared my own beading tutorial but here’s one that I hope you’ll like. Today, we’ll be having Superdou Tubular Peyote Beading Tutorial and you’ll learn how to create a beaded beaded shaped like a barrel πŸ™‚       Creating the beaded barrel you must at least

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