How to make a beaded bag charm with Right Angle Weave

What a cute little beaded bag from Fashion Accessories! A few years back I made lots of beaded bags, and gave them as gifts to my girl cousins, and they really liked it. πŸ™‚ During that time I didn’t even know that the technique was Right Angle Weave until I explored jewelry making. I thought

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Reni's pendant

DIY Pendant Tutorial: Reni’s Heart Pendant

Hey guys! It’s weekend again. It’s your chance to have time for yourself or perhaps catch up on your crafting and jewelry making project. Time to learn for some new techniques and designs so let’s have some serious beading tutorial with our featured diy pendant tutorial today – Reni’s heart pendant! Learning how to create

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How to Create Beaded Spacers for Multi-strand Bracelets

It’s me again, Keri Dudas and it’s time for my diy jewelry making! For our project today I’ll teach you how to create beaded spacers that you can use for multi-strand bracelets πŸ™‚ I enjoy making multi-stranded bracelets, however, I’ve the worst time finding spacer bars for the projects that I’m working on that I

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Diamond Brickstitch Earrings

How to Make Brickstitch Earrings

Diamonds are forever! A familiar song and movie, and yes, it’s true; the beauty of diamonds is everlasting. Remember, the brickstitch earrings I have shared?       Well, we’re going to have a throwback Wednesday today! Here’s the pattern again but this time with a matching video tutorial created by Tina’s Treasured Expressions  

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Right Angle Weave with Tila Beads

It is always fun weaving with Right Angle Weave; you can come up with so many jewelry design ideas with this beading technique. Today, I’ll teach a basic right angle weave but using 2 hole beads, the Tila beads. Prepare a beading thread, beading needle and some tila beads so we can start with Single-Needle

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