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Review of Margot Potter’s New Dimensions in Bead and Wire Jewelry Book

Shaping a wire at the same time beading it into uniquely designs is how the author Margot Potter describes her book titled New Dimensions in Bead and Wire Jewelry: Unexpected Combinations, Unique Designs. The combination of wire and bead creates stunning structural designs of jewelries like necklaces,bracelets, earrings and tiaras. Margot’s book is very well-written and

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DIY Halloween Beaded Spiders Tutorials

Aside from the famous Jack-O-Lantern, spiders are one of the symbols of Halloween. At Halloween parties you won’t miss seeing web and black spider decorations that will surely make a party-house look spooky LOL But what if you see a spider sparkling in colors or shiny in black? Would that look spooky to you? Take a

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FREE Multiple Hoop Earrings Jewelry Making Tutorial

Earring hoops are a fad and so here’s one jewelry making idea for you! Reem, created the earrings, making a continuous multiple hoops with beads and a charm. This wire jewelry making idea is so simple that even a beginner can follow but advance jewelry makers would definitely love the design, too. You can choose

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