Boho Chic Inspired Jewelry

Bohemian is most often describe as someone who does not live unconventionally, usually artistic,lives. It is how a person act as well as carry herself/himself through the way he/she dress, and that is when fashion and jewelry come into play. Bohemian jewelry designs are those that inclined to be a mix of different materials like

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Beginner’s Guide to Kumihimo by Dorothy Wood Book Review

Learn a new hobby or new technique of making jewelry by grabbing this book “Beginner’s Guide to Kumihimo: Techniques, Patterns and Projects To Learn How To Braid” by Dorothy Wood. This book introduces the popular art of braiding called “Kumihimo”. Among the braiding techniques, this has been used by many jewelers because of its simplicity

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Free Access to Jewelry Making Magazine on iTunes and Google Playstore

DIY Jewelry Making is not only dedicated to publishing jewelry tutorials. We also would like everyone to have access to our jewelry making magazine and experience what’s it’s like to learn how to make your own jewelry. Nowadays, almost everything is accessible on tablets and smartphones and through Apple Store and Google Playstore, you’ll get

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The Art of Kumihimo Braiding

One of the most easy, simple and versatile braiding techniques that is being used in jewelry making is the Kumihimo. It is a Japanese art of braid-making method allows you to create both stylish and perfect bracelets and necklaces.The literal translation of kumihimo means the “coming together (kumi) of threads (himo)”. Furthermore, it has variety of

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