Jewelry to Wear At Work

Jewelry adds that certain glow to one’s basic wardrobe. It creates that certain amazingness and uniqueness to oneself. But when it comes to office, not all jewelry will do. That doesn’t mean you have to leave all the fun and exciting at home, you just have to choose correctly. Leave all those clunks and noises

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How to Make Rings with Teardrop Beads

Who here love handmade rings? Here is a quick video tutorial  on how to make rings with teardrop beads 🙂 This ring is so easy to make that you can create rings in several colors in one sitting which is perfect when you want to give gifts to your girl friends and family members. Materials

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How to Make Necklaces with Crystal Balls

Need a new jewelry that you can wear on formal ocassions, but would like something quick and easy to make? Try learning how to make necklaces with crystal balls? Here is a short video showing you how to use crystal balls to make an elegant necklace. Materials and tools: Crystal balls in different sizes 20ga copper

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DIY Bracelet: How to Make a Tree Stem Bracelet

Here’s a simple DIY bracelet where you’ll learn how to make a bracelet with diamond beads, tree stems findings and eye pin. Jewelry Kit is also available. Here is the video tutorial.   Materials:                                          

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Botanical Jewelry: A Little Piece of Nature for Everyday Use

Natural jewelries such as sparkly pieces of pearls, corals and precious gemstones, polished and set in gold or silver are common beauty jewelry used by many to decorate their bodies. However, some of the unfamiliar and striking jewelry comes from plant. One of the most expensive jewelry comes from Amber, fossilized resin created by extinct

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Adjustable Wired Ring with Sparkling Bead Wire & Jewelry Making Tutorial Series T148

Wire wrapped rings are a popular design for handmade jewelleries. This tutorial will show you how to make a wire wrap ring in 5 simple steps. What’s great about this design is that the ring size is adjustable. You can create the ring in different colors and with different sizes of beads. You can make

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