Infinity, A Timeless Jewelry

The infinity symbol has been recognized as a mathematical symbol meaning limitless, endless, always and forever. This never ending loop has been an inspiration to many jewelers to create a timeless piece of jewelry. This infinity jewelry designs expresses a boundless and everlasting love and devotion for someone, a perfect give to someone dear to

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Symbols Made Perfect To Wear

Many good sources and inspirations for jewelry designs are based on symbols. These may include religious, emblems, geometric, monograms and organizational signs. The different shapes, styles and colors of these symbols are a perfect component to envisage new configuration and designs for jewelries.   Geometric symbols cover lines and simple shapes. This geometric designs  are

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Guide Books For Handmade Jewelry Making

Do want to learn a new technique or acquire a skill in making any handmade jewelry? Or maybe venture into business but have not got any idea what to start?Well, these lists of book would surely give you a head start. Moreover, these provide an artistry in the jewelry making by using different materials like metals,

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The Subject to Wear

Each one has their own favorite subject at school. It may be Math for those who were good in numbers or Science whose mind can imagine and memorize molecules and reactions. Such loved have inspired these jeweler to create a unique work of art featuring some related stuff we know at school. The never ending numbers,symbols,equations

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A Travel Inspired Jewelry

Traveling to different places of diverse beauty, exploring and discovering cultures and history is something everyone would like to do once in life. With that, one can’t help to take a lot of photos, buy items in a souvenir shops and even jewelries of famous places to be reminded of the journey they once have.

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Eco-Friendly Handmade Jewelry

Different waste materials such as papers, glass, clothings, plastic, and electronics have long been recycled instead of being disposed. Some of these materials are being processed again to form new products that are now consumed by us.  With humans’ ingenious mind, these wastes have paved its way into the fashion world. These wastes have been

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Handmade Jewelry for an Oversize Chic

Do you happen to be part of the pretty, hot and thick group? Having difficulty in finding the right accessories for you? Worry no more because we will provide tips on what to wear to boost your confidence. Bigger is better. Go for bigger bangles. It may come from different shapes and sizes from NaturaSilver, WishesontheWind and ELSLondon. Each

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