Stamped Metal Handmade Jewelry

Stamping of metal is  a practice of gently tapping a stamp which is small rod of metal using a hammer onto the surface of a metal to create an effect. This can be express using shapes, words, monograms and patterns to create a signatory style jewelry. Many jewelers have started this kind of practice and

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Pre-Black Friday Sale at Fire Mountain Gems

Fire Mountain Gems is doing a pre-Black Friday sale and put over 6,000 items on sale up to 63% off. The sale covers a huge span of product categories, from beads to finished jewelry, and even includes items from other mediums such as scrapbooking and leatherworking. Without a doubt, there is something for everyone at

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Graffiti Art Jewelry

In designing a jewelry, one can take a lot of inspirations from everyday encounter. Everywhere you look can be a source of motivation to create things at a glance. One just need to be creative and have such passion to do it.  One example is the art called graffiti. You may have seen this kind

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Different Sets of Geometric Inspired Jewelry

Geometric inspired jewelry have been used as one of the evident inspirations of many jewelers. The jewelries are fashioned from simple basic shapes like triangle, square and circle down to different forms having an n number of sides. With this, geometric jewelries are explored to form into different sets of pattern to create charms of

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Handmade Jewelry Making And Techniques Book

Get some ideas for a new hobby or a business with these featured techniques and handmade jewelry making magazines. These are perfect for beginners and intermediate level enthusiasts to know more about jewelry making. Each of the magazines  features techniques with a step by step procedures using different materials. Check them out!       This

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