Jewelry Designs: Cartoon Characters

When I was a mere young girl, I would spend my time in front of the television watching cartoons to pass time as my mum prepares lunch or dinner. Those were fun times, and I still do love watching cartoons! I say this because I have found some amazing cartoon jewelry designed by really, really brilliant designers!

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Fire Mountain Gems’ $2 SALE or less!!

Get your supplies while stocks last in Fire Mountain Gems’ Sale! They are on sale for $2 or less! Not sure what you would need? Then check out some of the beads that I find would be of use to making interesting and beautiful designs! And it is ending tomorrow: February 13th, 11:59pm PT! Sale is

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Designs: Wire Moons

Hello y’all! How are you doing? Hope everything is going well and you are having tons of fun! I was strolling at night and looked up and the moon seemed so near that I was pretty much mesmerized by it. And when I passed by some trees, and took another look at the moon, through

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Types of Storage for Your Supplies

So you have completed some shopping of supplies and your bead stash is more than satisfactory. So where do you keep them? In their plastic cases or bags? Or do you have a storage box where you keep your beads all in the same place, organized using containers or other plastic bags to keep your

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Designs: Beautiful in Red

Are you ready to paint the town red again? I be you are! Even if you are not, gear up with these amazing designs from these talented jewelry designers! I have compiled and put some of red necklaces for you to view, and if you are interested and would like to know more about these

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Jewelry Supplies – Clasps

Wondering how to end a perfectly amazing bracelet? Having some issues with finding a clasp that you would like to use to complete your bracelets? Then why not expand your selections to some of these clasps that I have found, which can be seen below! Check out these jewelry supplies to see which one fits

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Inspirations for Jewelry: Anklets

Hello everybody! There are some nice inspirations for jewelry that you can find all over the internet, and also in jewelry magazines. Are you ready for something slightly different from the normal jewelry that I usually look for, but we have had a couple of posts on them before. But that was last year. So

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Cords for Your Jewelry Making

Need some stringing materials for your jewelry? Then here are some materials that you can consider getting for yourself! Just for your information, the White Sale of Fire Mountain Gems’ is still going on! Check them out to view more beads and supplies that you can get at a discounted rate! There are quite a few types

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