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This disclosure statement explains our relationship to our advertisers and how we receive compensation.

We recommend products and services that we use and like. If we find something that will benefit our readers and/or students, we sometimes (but not always) use an affiliate-coded link in our recommendation. Should the reader or student purchase said product or service, we may receive a small compensation for that purchase .

In addition, we may receive compensation from the following source(s):

Affiliate or Pay-Per-Click Advertising. We may receive a small commission when you click a link, or follow a link or banner ad then purchase a product from the merchant.

These commissions help defray the operating costs of this website and our courses so we can continue to provide information at a reduced rate to you, my visitors!

We only advertise merchants, products, or services that we trust.

These are some of the affiliate or pay-per-click programs I currently participate in (live links are my affiliate links):

If you have questions about my advertising policies, please contact me.

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