Must-have Tools for Metalsmithing Jewelry Making

If you are venturing into metal jewelry or metalsmithing jewelry, you will need to invest in the right and basic tools that will help you achieve in creating beautiful and stylish designs you’ve imagined up into realization. To make things put into perfection, here are the must-have tools that should be in your jewelry making toolbox. The tools are perfect for making metalsmithing jewelry especially for beginners.

So start grabbing these tools and turn different metal sheet into showstopping bracelets, necklaces, earrings and beyond.



Jeweler’s Saw

  • Wood and nickel-plated steel, 12×4-1/4 inches with 3-inch frame depth, fits 1- to 7-1/2 inch long blade.
  • Sturdy nickel-plated steel frame and rubberwood handle feature a with thumb screw locking device for easily changing blades and tension.
  • Use to make straight cuts and cutout shapes in jewelry applications.







 Metal Shears

  • Heavy-duty metal shears with tough, sharp edges for easily cutting 18-gauge brass, tin, copper, silver and gold sheets and wire up to 1mm thick.
  • Can cut thicker gauges with applied pressure.Overall length: 6 inches
    Jaw length: 1-13/16 inches
    Tip width: 30mm






Dapping Tools

  • Dapping block, steel and wood, 2×2-inch block with (24) doming punches. Sold per 25-piece set.
  • Includes square dapping block with 18 half-round depressions and 24 graduated punches.
  • Punches are made of case-hardened steel and range from 3.5mm to 25.4mm.
  • Depressions range from 3mm to 35mm. Rubber tree wood stand keeps tools organized.






Metal Clay

  • Create unique jewelry components using these fine silver, sterling silver and 22Kt yellow gold metal clays.
  • Choose from Art Clay Silver, PMC3, AGS, PMC Flex, Art Clay gold paste and more.
  • Just shape, pinch, roll, sculpt and otherwise manipulate precious metal clay to your desired shape, texture and thickness



sheet-brass-6x2-12-inch-single-sided-rectangle-with-embossed-shattered-p6244bsb2 Metal Sheet

  • Sheet, brass, 6×2-1/2 inch single-sided rectangle with embossed shattered glass pattern, 24 gauge.
  • This raw brass sheet is embossed with a detailed shattered glass pattern that extends all the way to its edges.
  • Sheet may be cut using a disc cutter, metal shears, or jeweler’s saw and shaped or worked using metal punches and other metalsmithing tools.
  • The sheet’s surface can also be used and reused as a texture plate for polymer clay, metal clay and other soft art materials.






pliers-set-lindstromreg-ex-series-flush-cutters-flat-nose-round-nose-p4855tlb2 Plier Sets

  • Pliers set, Lindstrom® EX series, flush-cutters / flat-nose / round-nose / chain-nose, stainless steel / rubber / plastic, yellow and grey, 5 to 5-3/4 inches.
  • Sold per 4-piece set.
  • Flush-cutting pliers, overall length: 5 inches, jaw length: 9.5mm, max cutting capacity: 1.25mm/16 gauge, cut/jaw: flush
  • Flat-nose pliers, overall length: 5 inches, jaw length: 17mm, tip width: 3.5mm, cut/jaw: smooth
  • Round-nose pliers, overall length: 5 inches, jaw length: 16mm, tip width: 1mm, cut/jaw: very fine
  • Chain-nose pliers, overall length: 5-3/4 inches, jaw length: 18mm, tip width: 1mm, cut/jaw: smooth





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