Boho Chic Inspired Jewelry

Bohemian is most often describe as someone who does not live unconventionally, usually artistic,lives. It is how a person act as well as carry herself/himself through the way he/she dress, and that is when fashion and jewelry come into play.

Bohemian jewelry designs are those that inclined to be a mix of different materials like  gemstone, glass, ceramics and metal element together. Bohemian jewelry designs have a care free, bright and fun style which you don’t normally see someone wearing it.

An eye catching, colorful yet simple bohemian jewelry of different metals and beads are pieces from JustynaKrupkowskaAllGirlsneed and JeSoulStudio. The rustic designs with different motiff of leaf, feather and arrowhead makes it go with just about everything.


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The earrings by HandyStarNativeStyles and JHFWBeadsAndFindings are fit to any clothes you have in your wardrobe. It is made from materials of beads, woods and silver metal.

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Match your outfit with this bohemian bracelet jewelry by PuebloAndCo , BohemianFantasy and ExpressionsBracelets. They are fashionable and colorful to wear.
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Fire Mountain Gems and Beads

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