Beginner’s Guide to Kumihimo by Dorothy Wood Book Review

Learn a new hobby or new technique of making jewelry by grabbing this book “Beginner’s Guide to Kumihimo: Techniques, Patterns and Projects To Learn How To Braid” by Dorothy Wood. This book introduces the popular art of braiding called “Kumihimo”. Among the braiding techniques, this has been used by many jewelers because of its simplicity and versatility.

Kumihimo is an art of braiding in Japan which means “coming together in threads”. If you are into braiding or wanted to learn the technique, then this book is perfectly right for you. It features a step-by-step diagrams and pictures with complete list of materials and tool making it is  easy to start and follow ,especially beginner,s in creating your own Kumihimo jewelry.

Definitely, this book will get you started on your braiding journey


The book is a beginner -friendly covering a wide range of braiding patterns and techniques with an addition of some contemporary projects for you to start with.

The author provided vivid and easy explanations of the procedure for the readers to follow. Moreover, an added illustration of the different kumihimo braids, techniques and patterns featuring templates too to make your own Kumihimo plate and disk.

The book contains valuable and a lot of helpful hints to make your creation a unique one like giving various ways of ending and securing the braids.






Here are some of the jewelry made out of different braid discuss in the book which  includes flat braids, square braids, honeycomb braids, hollow braids, spiral braids, braiding with beads, using different cords and wire, and finishing techniques.

gray earrings bead-braid


pink round-flat-braid kumihimo1

516zgujr2ql-_sx378_bo1204203200_ Grab now the “Beginner’s Guide to Kumihimo: Techniques, Patterns and Projects To Learn How To Braid” by Dorothy Wood






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