Wire Wrapping Patterns for Jewelry Making

Wire wrapping technique is so much fun when you know precisely what you’re doing and what to carry out when things go wrong! Learning some basic wire wrapping patterns will open you to endless jewelry making possibilities!

Wire wrapping can be one of the most exceptional and gorgeous wire jewelry making techniques. It takes lot of practice and patience, especially learning how to carry on the wire but then it’s attractiveness will push you how it takes.

Wire wrapping just like in beading also has patterns. With different patterns how to wrap the wire you can create beautiful designs and texture. Here are some patterns you can try.

Disconnected stripes

Double stripes


Triple threat

There are still a lot of wire wrapping patterns, but even with only these patterns, you can already do wonders making wire jewelry. Cut strips of 18 ga wire and wrap it with 28 ga wire, following these patterns you can already create cuffs and bangles!

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