Tools and Materials for Kumihimo Jewelry

Kumihimo is among the popular braiding art  that many jewelers are using to make stylish and unique jewelry. Kumihimo is an ancient art of braiding in Japan which means ‘ coming together of threads”. This stylish yet very simple technique is perfect for combining unique fashion statements or for jewelers or even designers on the go. The techniques include some of the basic patterns to difficult ones. To get started with your own version of kumihimo jewelry, you must have this list of tools and materials.





Kumihimo Disk 

  • Kumihimo disk, EVA foam, white and black, 4-1/4 inch round with 22mm inside hole and 32 slots.
  • The user-friendly Huggy Spool® makes great cord bobbins for kumihimo-style braiding.
  • Instructions included with reference chart and additional tips.






Wide-Eye Needle

  • Needle, Wide-Eye Needle™, stainless steel, 0.13mm, (3) 2-1/4 inches and (3) 4 inches with loop end. Sold per pkg of 6.
  • The Wide-Eye Needle is flexible yet strong and accommodates most thread types and bead sizes.
  • Designed for small-hole beads, the super-thin wire is 0.13mm.
  •  Use for any style of beading or loom work. The colorful packaging with hang tab is reusable for convenient and reliable storage.
  • Package includes six size #22 needles: three 2-1/4 inch and three 4 inch.





cord-satinique153-nylon-multicolored-2mm-regular-with-vertical-stripe-p6728bsb2 Satin Cord

  • Cord, Satinique™, nylon, multicolored, 2mm regular with vertical stripe. Sold per 10-foot section.
  • Expand your design options with striped cording in brilliant colors, getting the look of multiple cords while using only one.
  • Ideal for kumihimo, knot templating, beading and other projects.
  • Colors can include brown, green, light green and orange. Color may vary from dye lot to dye lot.





crimp-silver-plated-brass-4x2mm-tube-with-loop-1mm-inside-diameter-sol-pa8669fnb2 Crimp Ends

  • Crimp, silver-plated brass, 4x2mm tube with loop, 1mm inside diameter. Sold per pkg of 10.
  • Crimp tubes have an inside diameter of 1mm, making them ideal for use with cord-based or multiple-strand designs.
  • They can also be used on some styles of unfinished chain. Loop makes an easy attachment point for clasps and components.






czech-glass Czech Glass and Crystal

  • Czech glass beads are known over the world for exemplary craftsmanship, vivid color and bead-to-bead consistency.
  • From fire-polished faceted shapes to smooth round druks and more, jewelry designers can choose the beads they need from a kaleidoscope of colors, coatings and finishes.




miyuki-delica-beadsDelica Seed Beads by Number

  • These seed beads from Miyuki of Japan are well-loved for their consistent size and shape.
  • According to seed bead sizes, the smaller the number the larger the bead.
  • Miyuki seed beads size 11/0 are physically smaller than seed beads with a size of 8/0.


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