DIY Stamped Metal Jewelry Projects with Adrianne Surian

A metal stamped jewelry is a style of charms of tapping a stamp of any designs into a metal using a hammer. This style is sometimes incorporated with personal touch of expressing one’s feeling and sense of fashion. This jewelry is conveyed by using initials, words, quotes and even shapes. The elements are then tapped into metals making it more trendily wearable and fit in style with an expression of you.

If you are a jeweler and wants to venture into a personalized and metal jewelry, this book by Adrianne Surian titled DIY Stamped Metal Jewelry is right for you. The author tells everything about stamping metal while exploring and expressing yourself through it. Moreover, each project ranges beginner to intermediate skills level to keep you motivated no matter what level of skills you have.

So you can start your own first piece even if you are a beginner and explore your way to different techniques to create beautiful pieces of jewelry using your own hammer and stamps.

stamped-metal-jewelry*The book contains 30 projects covering all details necessary to create each project. It includes the materials and step-by-step procedures for you to follow to fashion an accessory ranging from classic to trendy and from sweet to sassy

*Adrianne start her book by giving full description on the list of basic tools and materials you need to create your owned signatory stamped jewelry. At the same time, she provides best tips when to save, when to splurge, and where to find everything.

*The author open-handedly tells all the techniques you need for every project from stamping letters to making patterns by means of patinas to create a custom look.

*At the end of each project, the author put an extra extra tips, tricks, and ideas under the hashtags #stampinghacks and #happystamping to help you easily learn new techniques and gives plenty of varied ideas to make a signature piece of your own




Check this pieces from Adrianne’s book that I personally chosen among the 30 projects.

A mixed of rivets and eyelets make this necklace look anything buthandmadeA perfect combination of leather and stamped metal with a next level impression using colored patinasA layered style necklace one stamped vertical bar paired with a coordinated bead charmA bracelet personalized by adding tiny disc with initials, favorite designs and words to inspire
A buttery designed bracelet symbolizes of change
and transformation.
A gift for a friend stamp with names, inside jokes, or something
An arrow earrings customizable with your favorite
A night out earrings that is catchy and cozy to wear

stamped-metal-jewelry Click and Buy at amazon Adrianne Surian’s Book and start stamping your way to these 30 projects.

DIY Stamped Metal Jewelry: From Monogrammed Pendants to Embossed Bracelets–30 Easy Jewelry Pieces from!








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