Bridal Jewelry Free Beading Tutorial

This bracelet added with sew-on stone/crystal is a quick and easy right angle weaved project that results in a beautiful and whimsical piece of bridal jewelry. The diamond-like crystals add glare and glamour to the bracelet with a simple tweak! Learn to make the elegant bracelet with this free beading tutorial!

60pcs of Japanese seed beads
80pcs x 4mm glass pearls
10pcs x 4mm sew on stones with sew-on crystal glass stones
1 pair of bracelet clasp
Nylon thread 0.25 (based on bracelet length of 19cm)
Beading needle size 11

Step 1: Begin by pulling a length of thread approximately 150cm. Thread a beading needle onto each end of the thread, and fold over the thread tails.

Step 2: Use one of the needles to pick up beads in this sequence: 4 seed beads, 1 pearl, and 4 seed beads. Pull these beads to the middle of the nylon thread.

Clasps come in a pair. So you can separate them. Now let’s work on adding clasps into 1 side of the bracelet. Insert right thread and left thread into the holes of the clasp accordingly.Then insert 4 seed beads at each side of the thread.

Pull the needle backward to create a hook to hold onto the clasp. Then cross both sides of the thread through the pearl.

beading tutorialbeading tutorialbeading tutorial

Step 3: Place 1 pearl on left thread and 2 pearls on right thread respectively. Cross by passing left thread to the last pearl from right thread. Pull taut to form a pattern as shown.

beading tutorialbeading tutorial
beading tutorialStep 4:

To continue with subsequent units, repeat the same steps 3 until your desired length of your wrist. Please leave some length to place clasps at the end of the bracelet.

Step 5: Insert 4 seed beads on both needles. Pass right and left threads to the clasp.

Insert 4 seed beads on both needles again, pull taut. Then pull the thread towards the last pearl and cross the 2 threads through the last pearl of the bracelet. This will create a hook on the clasp. At this step, you have completed first layer of the bracelet. You can pass the remaining thread through the pearls to make the bracelet more solid. Tie a knot and pass through a few more beads before you cut off the thread.

beading tutorialbeading tutorial

Now, here is another way how you can weave the sew-on crystals! You can choose to follow the video or you can choose to follow the step by step images on this written tutorial.

Step 6: Diagram 1: Insert a new nylon thread (about 150cm in length) into the beginning of a unit where you like your sew-on crystal to be on. Tie left thread with a knot against a stopper. Thread in 3 seed beads, 1 sew on crystal, 3 seed beads on the right thread. (refer pic 1)

Diagram 2: Pass the thread into the opposite sew on crystals diagonally (Pic 2). Then add 3 seed beads, pass thread into the sew-on crystal, add 3 seed beads and pass thread into the first pearl where you started (pic 3, 4, 5). Pull taut and you will have your sew-on crystal sitting nicely on top of the pearl unit (pic 6). Pass the thread through the pearls upward until you reach the second unit where you like the sew-on crystal on. Repeat step in pic 1 till 7.

Keep weaving till you pass added all required sew-on cyrstals on top of the pearl bracelet.

Continue Step 6 until you come to the final pearl at the other end of the clasp. Pass the threads back to the bracelet from top to bottom to create a more solid structure for the bracelet. Tie a knot, pass the thread thru a few more beads before you cut off the thread. You have completed your elegant bracelet!

beading tutorial

beading tutorial

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