Beadwork Jewelry Projects with Kate Wiese

Discover and explore your creativity with beads with Kelly Wiese’s book Exotic Adornments 18 Luxurious Beadwork Jewelry Projects. This is a project book as the title itself stated and not a technique one. However, you don’t need to be an expert to follow through the different projects. The book is entirely designed for advanced beginners and intermediate beaders who wants to love working and exploring around beads.

Learn how to make beaded jewelry and other projects with her easy to follow instructions to guide you through the process for each projects.

  • titleEach project in the book is carefully laid out with all the details from the specific materials and tools down to the techniques to be used. Furthermore, a step by step instructions are perfectly featured and well-constructed by the author for you to follow.
  • Kelly emphasized which projects for you to work on if you’re an advanced beginner or an intermediate one since she used multiple stitches for each project. With that, she provided a brief coaching of the most common technique of stitches used in the project.






Inside the book are 18 beautifully designed beaded jewelries. Here are some of the designs that I preferably like.

This versatile and luxurious like fabric bracelet is perfect on jeans or black dress. This is very elegant and soft to look at in your arm.


This is a fun and lightweight design  made up of rivolis and different bezels   formed into half circle.

Start this necklace from one basic  component and work your way to   connect all the  components to come  up with a luxurious design.

 You can use, instead of gold, silver. It is  still look striking as it is. Make it short or  lengthy which ever suits your personality

 A bracelet made of pearl with an addition  of a lot of crystals to make it look more  modern with a retro feel. Try using fuchsia and amethyst as  suggested by the author. It would look great and addition of zircon blue crystals would still complement the design. A piece fit for a special night occasion made out of crystals and large pear one  beautifully weaved and sewed A bracelet turned into a necklace made of three connected crystal bezels

title There are 18 projects of luxurious beadwork to work on. Pre-order the book now and start weaving and sewing beads to create these gorgeous jewelries.


Exotic Adornments: 18 Luxurious Beadwork Jewelry Projects



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