Stylish Pendants for Necklace Making

One of the earliest bodily adornment is a pendant. Like how we use a pendant, the word is derived from the Latin word “pendere” which means to hang down. Generally, a pendant is attached by a small loop and loosely hangs from a necklace.

There are many types of pendants. There’s an amulet, a talisman, a locket and a medallion. Nowadays, jewellers have started incorporating USB flash drives into pendants and if I may say, it’s very clever. 🙂

A pendant, like a charm, can also be an expression of who you are.  A popular shape and style are the hearts. If men are going to give their special ones a necklace their first choice for a pendant is always the heart, signifying their love. Butterflies and flower pendants is a sign of femininity and crosses is a sign of religion and can also be a choice for guidance and safety.

What about you? What’s your pendant choice? Maybe these choices can help you create your own fashion style!

A tumbled agate nugget is given a high polish then wrapped in a spiral of silver-plated brass wire, creating a pendant with classic style that works with both formal and casual designs.

Striking skull pendant is of excellent quality and perfect for both men and women. Bail can accommodate chain, leather, satin or kumihimo custom cords

Genuine “pewter” (zinc-based alloy) pendant is beautifully designed and cast. The generous loops can accommodate leather cord, chain or satin cord. Great for both men and women.
Stainless steel is a customer-favorite metal to use as a cost-efficient alternative for precious metal while still enjoying a highly polished metallic gleam.Per customer request: a pendant that says “I love you to the Moon and back.” This popular phrase has been used in poems, posters and song lyrics and is ideal for personalizing jewelry projects.A whimsical ladybug adorns this beautifully handcrafted glass pendant. The lampworked domed pendant contains a colorful flower design set against copper-colored foil accents.
High-quality pendant is cast of tin-based pewter, then given an antique finish which showcases its crisp details and clean, finished surfaces. Pendant features a 7mm bail which easily accommodates chain, leather, satin or kumihimo custom cords.Genuine pewter (tin-based alloy) pendant is of excellent quality and perfect for both men and women. A versatile component for jewelry-making with extra-large bail to easily accommodate chain, leather, satin or kumihimo custom cords.Stylish pendant features sparkling glass rhinestone chatons. Ready to wear–just string on chain, cord or necklace wire.


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