Right Angle Weave Free Seed Bead Pattern

Right Angle Weave beading technique is easy to learn, even for beginners. You can create a beaded jewelry just by embellishing layers of right angle weave, just like what we’re going to teach you today with this free seed bead pattern. I am sure you’re going to like the result after learning this free tutorial. 🙂

Materials needed:
(A) yellow 11/0 seedbeads
(B) blue 11/0 seedbeads
Tools needed:
flat nose pliers (optional)

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Step 1:

Insert your nylon thread into a needle. If it is difficult to thread a needle, pinch the end of the nylon using flat nose pliers to flatten the end so it can easily pass the needle.

String 4(A) then weave in circle to create 1 unit of RAW. Tie a knot to secure the beads.

Step 2:

String 3(A) marked as beads b, c, d on image. Weave clockwise and pass bead a from previous RAW then continue to pass b & come out c.

Step 3:

Pull the thread and you will have 2nd RAW.

Step 4:

String 3(A) marked as beads e, f, g. Weave counter-clockwise and pass bead c from previous RAW then pass e & come out f.

Step 5:

Pull and you have will have a 3rd RAW.

Step 6:

Repeat Step 4 & 5 and create RAWs marked as 1, 2, 3 on image. Repeat Step 4 & 5 again and create a 7th RAW but this time come out bead h. Now you have your 1st strip of RAW.

Step 7:

We will now add a 2nd row of RAW. Coming out of bead h, string 3(A). Weave counter-clockwise and come out bead i. You now have a start of 2nd row.

Step 8:

String 2(A) marked as beads k & l. Weave clockwise and pass beads j & i from previous RAWs.

Step 9:

Pull the thread and come out bead i.

Step 10:

Pass thread thru beads k, l & come out m from previous RAW.

Step 11:

String 2(A). Weave counter-clockwise and pass beads l & m.

Step 12:

Pull thread and come out bead n.

Step 13:

Repeat Step 9 – 12 until you get to the end of the 2nd row. When you get to the end, flip your beadwork so you weave again from right to left. Repeat Step 7 – 13 until you reach your desired length that will fit the size of your wrist.

Step 14:

Once you reach your desired length, fit it into your wrist. You have A & B sides now. Connect the 2 ends to create a circle/bracelet. Weave clockwise and counter-clockwise as you string 1(A) to create a RAW and connect the sides.

Step 15:

After the ends are connected this will be your BASE RAW – the bracelet. We will now add layers of RAW on your BASE RAW.

To start your 1st LAYER have your thread come out a bead in horizontal position. String 1(A) then pass thru the next bead from the BASE RAW. Repeat weaving from left to right until you fill your BASE RAW.

Step 16:

Continue weaving on your 1st LAYER. We will now create RAW with the 1st LAYER. Have your thread come out a horizontal bead from the 1st layer. Weave clockwise and counter-clockwise as you string 1(A) to create a RAW. Keep on weaving until you’ve completed the circle.

Step 17:

We will now create a 2nd LAYER with blue seedbeads. Have your thread come out a bead in vertical position from the 1st LAYER. String 1(B) then pass thru the next bead from the 1st LAYER in vertical position. Weave up & down as you string 1(B).

Step 18:

Then create a RAW with the 2nd LAYER with seedbead (B).

Step 19:

Finally, insert seedbead (A) on RAW from 2nd layer. To end, tie a knot then pass thru several beads then cut off excess thread.

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    1. Hello,
      I too am self taught in beadwork and am very proficient I R.A.W. I wonder if it may be possible to obtain the # of grams per seed bead color needed for this project? I would very much like to make this bracelet however, my finances do not allow me to purchase this tutorial.Thank you for your response!
      Sincerely yours,
      Amenia Mandregan


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