Bridal Jewelry: DIY Beaded Bracelet

Going to a wedding or formal occasion this coming weekend? Here’s something you can wear that is inexpensive but elegant – a DIY beaded bracelet made from white pearls!

Pearls, as we all know is a timeless piece of jewelry. They’re expensive, but if you can learn to make your own pearl jewelry you’ll find the same satisfaction just like when you buy an expensive pearl jewelry piece. Well, maybe not the same satisfaction, because when you know how to make your own jewelry it’s more satisfying to create what you wear.

Enough of the chit-chat and let’s start.


Prepare the following materials:

Step 1:

Prepare nylon thread measuring 1m long and insert a needle at both ends.

Step 2:

String a crimp bead and slide then pass both threads into a clam shell. Ensure that both crimp bead and clam shell is placed at the center of the thread.

Step 3:

On your right thread, string 2 pearls. On your left thread, string 1 pearl.

Pass left thread into the last pearl from the right thread. Pull the thread and you have created 1 unit.
Step 4:

Follow the diagram for the weaving pattern. On your right thread, string 3(4mm) pearls and 1(6mm) pearl.

Going counter-clockwise, pass the right thread into the 3(4mm) pearls and pull the thread.
On your left thread, string 3(4mm) pearls then going clockwise, pass left thread into the 6mm pearl.
Now, continue going clockwise and pass the left thread into the 3(4mm) pearls. Pull the thread and now both threads are coming out the 4mm pearls from both sides.
Finally, cross both threads into a 4mm pearl. You have now created a flower with 8(4mm) pearls around a big pearl.
Step 5:

Continue weaving units of flowers until you reach your desired length for your bracelet.

Step 6:

Finish the bracelet. String 1(4mm) pearl on both threads then pass both threads into a crimp bead and clam shell. Secure the thread by pressing the crimp bead with your flat nose pliers. Make at 2 knots and then cut off excess thread then close the clam shell. Attach your clasp using jump rings.

You’re done! We hope you like your new bracelet. The bracelet is suitable for wedding occasions.

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