Make Your Own Earrings with Bugle Beads

I seldom see jewelry making tutorials that use bugle beads. I admit, I myself seldom use bugle beads when I make my own jewelry. Though seldom used, bugle beads, when combined with other materials can make stunning beaded jewelry. If you haven’t come up with a design using tubular shaped beads here’s a tutorial how to make your own earrings with bugle beads!

Today, we’ll teach you how to make a pair of beautiful pearl earrings. Learn how to use bugle beads to form the base for the earrings then weave the earrings using simple but beautiful glass pearls, seed beads and crystals. The design and color tone of the project is based on bridal’s theme. But you can mix and match with different colors and materials to create a different look and feel for these earrings!

(A) 3mm gray pearls
(B) 8mm pearls
(C) 3mm bicone crystals
(D) 2mm white Japanese seed beads
(E) Clear bugle beads Length: 5mm Hole size: 1mm
(F) Clear bugle beads Length: 2.5mm Hole size: 1mm
(G) Jump rings
(H) Earring hooks

Step 1: Before we start, let’s first prepare the thread. Begin by pulling a length of thread approximately 150cm. Thread a beading needle onto each end of the thread, and fold over the thread tail. Now, you’re ready!

Step 2.1:

Insert beads in this sequence:1E, 1F, 1E. Place the beads at the middle of the nylon thread.


Step 2.2:

Then cross by passing the left thread into the last bead from R thread. You have just formed the first unit for the first layer.

Step 2.3: To form the second unit, insert 1F, 1E then cross by passing left thread into the last bead from the right thread to form the second unit.
 Step 2.4:

Repeat step 2.3 for 10 times.

Step 2.5:

To form the 13th unit (the last unit), insert 1F then cross by passing the left and right thread to E from the opposite side (without adding new

Step 3.1:

Cross by passing left thread to the last bead from the right thread.

Now pass left thread into E at the base below. On the right thread, add 2D.
Cross by passing the right thread into E at the base. Pull taut. This is how the first unit look like.
Step 3.2:

Repeat step 3.1 for 12 times.

Step 4.1:

Turn the earring upward then downward so that you can flip the earring to the other side. Insert 1B into the left thread. Place B at the middle and continue to pass the thread into long tube from the opposite direction. Pass it through a new more tubes.

Step 4.2:

Pass your thread through the short tubes. Add 1 seed bead for every short tube you pass. Complete 1 circle.

Add in jump ring and ear hook. Repeat the whole entire process to create another earring. You are done!

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