How to Make Rings Beading Tutorial

It’s the weekend and time for some do-it-yourself beading tutorial. Today, you will learn how to make rings!

To create the ring band, we will use right angle weave beading technique. The tutorial is suitable even beginners, but anyone who loves to bead will definitely love to re-create the ring!

Prepare the following materials:

2m nylon thread
flower bead
4cm in dia round beads

Step 1:

Cut approximately 2m of nylon thread measuring 0.25 in length and thread it through your needle at both ends. Leave about 2cm tails at both ends. You will pass the beads through the needles throughout the creation of the creation. You may use the pliers to flatten the tips of the thread so that it is easier to thread into the needles.

Step 2:

Thread in 6 seedbeads and let them drop to the center of the thread.

Step 3:

Add 2 more seedbeads and cross both sets of thread thru it by passing the right-hand thread into the hole to the left and the left-hand thread to the right of the bead.

Step 4:

String 2 seedbeads on the right thread.

Step 5:

Similarly, string 2 seedbeads on the left thread.

Step 6:

Add 2 more seedbeads on your right then cross both left side of the thread through 2 additional seedbeads. Repeat Step 1 – 6 until you reach your desired ring size.

Step 7:

Add 2 more seedbeads on the left and right thread then cross both thread into the first 2 seedbeads of the ring.


Step 8:

Thread in flower and then string approximately 8 round beads.

Step 9:

Wrap around the flower with the string of round beads then pass the needle back to the first few round beads. To complete the ring, pass the thread back to the ring band several times then cut off excess thread.

how to make ringsYou’re done!

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    3 Comments On “How to Make Rings Beading Tutorial”

    1. How many extra beads would you use to adjust to a larger or smaller size.


      • Hello Tina M Baber, are you referring to the ring band size? You need to fit the ring band to your finger before you continue to string the flower bead. Hope this helps. Cheers!


    2. Thank you so much for this tutorial. It’s surprisingly easy to do.


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