Herringbone Wire Wrapping Tutorial

Claudia Ionita is an accountant by day and a jewelry designer by night. According to Claudia, making beautiful little treasures like jewelry is wonderful for her soul. She started making jewelry 2011 and since then, she has tried many jewelry making techniques, but her attention was focused on making wire jewelry and today, Claudia will show you a basic tutorial on wire wrapping tutorial.

First, prepare your focal bead. This basic wire wrapping tutorial can be used on any size of bead, but for the purpose of this tutorial try and find an oblong shaped bead. In this tutorial Claudia used 20 mm x 7 mm tear drop bead. Also, prepare an 18 and 20 gauge artisan wire, wire cutter and round nose pliers.

wire wrapping tutorialFirst, insert cut an 16 inches 18ga wire and insert the wire into your focal bead.
Prepare 24 inches 20ga wire and make loop on one end.
wire wrapping tutorialwire wrapping tutorial
Next, insert the 18ga into the loop and wrap the wire onto the other end of the bead.
wire wrapping tutorialwire wrapping tutorial
Flip your bead and then wrap the other side of the bead.
wire wrapping tutorialwire wrapping tutorial
Now, simply continue wrapping up and down until you are happy on the width or until you reach your desired size.
wire wrapping tutorialwire wrapping tutorialwire wrapping tutorial

There are other variations you can create herringbone wire wrap and ways you can use the technique to create jewelry designs. You can create earrings like beautiful herringbone with cluster earrings from Rings & Things

If you create several pieces of herringbone wire wrap components you can connect them with jump rings and create a herringbone bracelet. 

Claudia, with her herringbone technique she was able to create a simple but eye-catching ring.

Here’s another one from Luminita aka mssdelilah. See her variation of herringbone wire wrap? She added beads in between and her wires are coiled. Look how it turned out to be a beautiful and stunning pendant!

Want to learn Herrigbone Ring by Claudia Ionita and Herringbone Mauve Pendant by mssdelilah for free?

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wire wrapping tutorialwire wrapping tutorial






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    1. I love this ring, but how to you ad the band to the piece?


      • Hello Carol, you can access the full tutorial by visiting our iTunes page. The Herringbone ring tutorial by Claudia is included in DIY Jewelry Making Magazine #43. At the end of the blog article click the banner and it will lead you to the iTunes page. Cheers!


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