Wire Wrapping Tutorial: Sparkling Earrings with Hoops

Thank God it’s Friday! Time for some fun nightout with friends. Needing a new pair of earrings to match your outfit? Here’s a quick wire wrapping tutorial for making a sparkling pair of earrings. The tutorial is so easy that you can make a pair in just 15 minutes!

Step 1:

Prepare the following materials:
– Assorted colors of 4mm donut glass beads
– Pair of hoop earrings
– 30cm 28ga copper wire
– Wire cutter
– Flat nose pliers

Step 2:

Bring up a hoop earring and your 28ga wire. Leave at least a few centimers tail end, just enough for you to hold the wire and then wrap the other end or the longer end 3x onto the hoop.

Step 3:

After wrapping 3x you will see the wrapped wire has spaces. Move the wire closer to each other by pinching with your fingers.

Step 4:

Slide in a glass bead and wrap the wire one more time onto the hoop to secure the glass bead.

Now, the bead is secure.
Step 5:

Repeat from Step 1 – 4 and continue wrapping the wire with glass beads until you have covered the hoop with glass beads, but leave a few centimeters space for your ear.

Step 6:

Finish your earring hoop by wrapping the wire at least 3x.

Step 7:

Once your are satisfied and the wire is secure cut off excess wire.

Step 8:

Do the same on the other end.

Step 9:

Finally, pinch the wrapped wire with your flat nose pliers to there are no sharp edges.

Create a pair of beautiful sparkling earrings with hoops!

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Wondering how to make the earring hoops? Follow these simple 4 steps!
Step 1:

Depending how big you would want your earring hoops to be, cut 20 ga or 18 ga wire adding at least 0.5 inch for the loop.

Step 2:

Measuring 0.5 inch from the tip of the wire, with your round nose pliers, grip the tip and make a turn to create a loop.

Step 3:

Use a round object, a spool or mandrel and shape the wire like shown in this picture.

Step 4:

Using the tip of your flat nose pliers, bend the tip of the wire and cut off excess wire.

Have a nice jewelry making weekend!


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