Metal Jewelry Making with Kate Ferrant Richbourg

Looking for a new style and skill in jewelry making? Try Metal jewelry making with Kate Ferrant Richbourg’s Metalsmithing Made Easy: A Practical Guide to Cold Connections, Simple Soldering, Stone Setting, and More book! Even if you’re a beginner in metal jewelry making, Kate’s book will help you and teach everything you need to know about metalsmithing.

I am not a metalsmith jewelry maker and I have never tried this technique, but after reading the Metalsmithing Made Easy by Kate, I am confident that I can make metal jewelry and will be able to follow Kate’s projects that she’s included in the book.

Now, I mentioned “I am confident to try metal jewelry techniques” because there are detailed instructions and techniques that are essential in learning metal jewelry making.

  • Kate laid out a  easy-to-follow lesson plan of techniques from soldering to using the different tools, especially using the rotary tool. The rotary tool is an important tool in metal jewelry making because it will help create different surface effects on the metal.
  • Kate will also help readers to understand how to combine metals and different materials to make stylish, hip and unique metal jewelry.
  • Includes practice samplers, to be worked on step by step, helps to hone skills in surface manipulation, stone setting, cold connections, and more.

Insde the book are 15 metal jewelry projects to try. Check out a few of my personal favorites!

Adjustable Riveted Ring

This design is completely adaptable to your style. Choose any type of stone that appeals to you. The possibilities are endless.

Earrings with a Set Stone

This technique can be used on a variety of stones, not just pearls. Try setting stones on cabochons as well and then setting the stone in a ring or pendant.

Earrings with Balled Accents

These earrings are super versatile. Make them according to the pattern or use the idea as a base to create something original.



This design really versatile. Customize it with your initial or favorite design stamps.

Riveted Hook and Eye Clasp

This hook and eye are too lovely to hide in the back of a necklace. Try moving this one to the front as a centerpiece.

Riveted Stone and Leather Bracelet

This design is a great starting point for other ideas. Elongate the leather or add a chain to make a necklace.

Tile Bracelet

This slinky bracelet is a great project to let your  skills shine. Personalize this piece and make it your own!

Tube Set Bracelet

Simple, sleek and classic. It is easily adjusted to a variety of wrist sizes.
There are 15 projects gorgeous jewelry designs to try! Pre-order the book now and start learning metal jewelry making!

Metalsmithing Made Easy: A Practical Guide to Cold Connections, Simple Soldering, Stone Setting, and More


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