Make Your Own Jewelry with Charms

A happy day to everyone! Here’s a quick DIY on how to make your own jewelry using charms. Charm bracelets are easy to make and what’s nice about them is that you can personalize it. You can choose charms that can reflect your personality.

One common charm people often use are signs, symblols and affirmations, like the first letter of your name or a statement. During Holiday season you’ll find a lot of Christmas charms in the market and these charms are really nice to give as gifts to friends and family members. Some charms will also reflect your religion such as a cross charm, which are actually very popular. Charms can also represent your hobbies, interests and even your profession.

Check out these charms from Firemountain Gems by clicking on the images!

Charms can also be combined with beads like what we’ll show you in this video tutorial where you’ll learn how to make loops and opening jump rings. These 2 jewelry making techniques are simple, yet essential and a must-know skill when it comes to making charm bracelets. Let’s start!

Materials and tools:
– Chain
– Your choice of charms
– Assorted beads
– Toggle Clasp
– Jump rings
– Head pins
– Flat nose pliers
– Wire cutter
– Round nose pliers
Step 1:

Cut your chain according to your wrist size.

Step 2:

Bring up a bead and insert a head pin / T-pin. Using a flat nose pliers, bend the wire at 90 degrees.

Step 3:

Measure 0.6cm and then cut off excess wire with your wire cutter.

Step 4:

Grip the end of the wire with you round nose pliers and turn your wrist inward to make a loop. Set aside.

Step 5:

Bring up a jump ring. With 2 flat nose pliers open the jump ring by moving the pliers in opposite directions; one side going inward or towards you and one side going down or away from you.

Step 6:

Hook the jump ring into the bead’s loop and the chain.

Step 7:

Repeat Step 2 – 6 and arrange the beads and charms onto the chain. Finally, attach the clasp.

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