Make Your Own Earrings with Bicones, Chains and Headpins

Let’s try and make your own earrings with easy to find jewelry making materials and tools! This tutorial is suitable for beginners, but intermediate and advance skilled jewelry makers and hobbyists will definitely have fun making them; so quick that you can make 5 pairs in different colors in just 30 minutes! This is also a great jewelry making idea if you have some spare or leftover chains and beads.

24pcs 4mm Bicone glass crystals
2 pcs Ear wires
2 Chains with 6 loops each
24pcs Headpins
Flat nose pliers
Round nose pliers
Wire cutter


Step 1:

Take a headpin and insert your bicone. With your flat nose pliers, grip the headpin close to the bicone but leave enough space to bend the wire.

Step 2:

Bend the wire 90 degrees angle.

Step 3:

Leave about 1cm and then cut off excess wire.

Step 4:

Let’s make a loop. With your round nose pliers, with palm facing upward grip the tip of the wire. Turn your wrist to make a loop.

Step 5:

Repeat from Step 1 and make 12 looped bicones.

Step 6:

Let’s construct the dangling earrings. Bring up your ear wire. Open the loop slightly with your chain nose pliers and attach onto the first loop of the chain then close the loop of the ear wire.

Step 7:

Bring up a bicone with loop. Open the loop of the bicone. On one side of the chain, attach the bicone onto the first loop of the chain where the ear wire is also attached. Close the loop.

Step 8:

Repeat Step 7 and do the same for the other side of the first loop of the chain.

Step 9:

Continue attaching the bicones with loop onto the chain to make 1 dangling earring.

Repeat from Step 1 – 9 and create a pair.

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Now, be ready to party! Bedazzle your friends and let them envy you with your new, stylish and sparling dangling earrings!



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