Jewelry Making Book Review: Modern Beaded Lace

From silversmithing to beading, to making lace, Cynthia Newcomer work with a large variety of materials and like to cross over from one medium to the next. She believe that the most interesting things happen on the edges, where one craft touches and becomes another just like what she will show you in her jewelry making book, “Modern Beaded Lace,” where you will learn to combine the art of lacemaking and beadweaving.

In traditional lacemaking, threads are knotted or woven together to make patterns; beaded lace mimics those patterns. Combining lacemaking and beadweaving, you will learn to transform seedbeads and crystals into flowers, leaves and scrolls which will become stunning jewelry pieces!

Cynthia Newcomer Daniel
Beaded lace may sound intimidating and difficult to learn, but if you are new to this technique and design, no worries because Cynthia Newcomer Daniel will share everything you need to know.

  • Starting from the basics, you will learn about the different types of beads, findings, stringing materials and essential tools you will need to make beaded lace.
  • You will also learn the different types of lace that inspired each jewelry design.
  • And for me, the most important thing is learning the Elements of Beaded Lace, its parts and how to use each element to create a jewelry design.
  • You will also learn modified beading stitches, and techniques, and how to reinforce the beading techniques to create a beaded lace inspired jewelry.

Now, do not forget about the projects. Oh, these jewelry designs are stunning and eye-catching! Here are some of my choices.

Esha’s Fan Necklace

Use this project as a base for creating your own designs. The frames can be filled with any type of figrues or ground; you can make it larger, smaller, or a different shape entirely.

Heartstrings Necklace

Circles and S shapes are popular figures in lace. In this piece, you will make two S shapes and connect them to make a stylized heart with a pearl-filled circle using reinforced triangular herringbone.

Keyhole Earrings

These little earrings show the versatility of triangular herringbone; try using different sizes and shapes of beads to make your own figures.

Thistle Bracelet

This floral figure links are connected with a single line of beads to form both the cordonnet and the ground for a unified look.

Lyra Bracelet

This narrow insertion lace can also be used as the base for your own designs; add figures or edgings to extend it and create your own unique look.

Cirque Earrings

Round figures are very popular in lace, and these sparkly rounds can be used in many different ways in your own designs.

Hypnotize Me Earrings

The circle figure of this earring is a good basic component; it can be further embellished or extended with more picots to add interest and structure to your own designs.

Wisteria Bracelet

Cordonnet, figure, or lace edging? This bracelet has elements of al three and could be stripped down and added to your own designs in any of these capacities.

There are 18 projects you will love to try and you will definitely will love to wear! Learn the secrets of making beautiful beaded lace with “Modern Beaded Lace” by Cynthia Newcomer Daniel.

Modern Beaded Lace: Beadweaving Techniques for Stunning Jewelry Designs




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